Stop me if you’ve heard this before: our offense is not doing our defense any favors. After a short-field TD on its first drive, the Bears collected a grand total of 70 yards on our next 7 drives to fall behind 14-7. Zach Smith is just 6 of 18 on the day, but not all that is his fault. Baylor’s WRs have dropped 4 or 5 passes and we had a tip-drill INT fall into the hands of a Duke LB. At the same time, the running game is virtually non-existent due to continued ineptitude on the offensive line, so it’s not like Smith is getting much relief.
If you’re looking for bright sides, look no further than the LB combination of Clay Johnston and Eric Ogor. Ogor should have 2 sacks and however many tackles for losses, Johnston has at least 6 tackles, and Henry Black just intercepted a pass in the endzone to keep it a 7-point deficit as I was typing this sentence.


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