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The Buccaneers are pretty happy with their current coaching situation it seems. They have plenty of reason to be after all.

Still, even if they weren’t, I don’t think they’d be calling on Greg Schiano to solve all the Buccaneers woes anytime soon.

Despite this, it didn’t keep the former NFL coach from getting himself some headlines a couple of days ago.

Now a coach on Urban Meyer’s Ohio State team, Schiano decided it’d be a good idea to not only boast about his current defensive line, but also take a jab at his old one.

“We had a great player in Tampa by the name of Gerald McCoy. But that was one guy,” said Schiano speaking to the Big Ten Network. Later, he followed this up by saying, “this (the Buckeyes defensive line) is clearly a better group than those guys. And that’s saying something.”

First of all, no, they’re not. No disrespect at all towards the likes of Nick Bosa, Sam Hubbard and Tyquan Lewis; but none of them are NFL caliber linemen. Yet.

This could have been said a myriad of ways. Schiano could have simply said his current line – all of whom he inherited by the way – had the most potential of any line he’s coached.

Leave it at that, and Buccaneers fans everywhere aren’t seething just seeing his name and the Bucs in the same sentence again.

In fact, as I write this, I’m saddened to even have to mention him.

Bottom line is, Schiano wanted a reaction, and we gave it to him.

Somewhere he thinks this is all funny, and I’m sure his players will think it’s funny the first time one of them has a dud game and is immediately chastised for not being better than a Bucs defensive lineman.

He came into Tampa as a walking hot-air balloon, and even though he’s been an afterthought since 2013, he just can’t keep the Buccaneers out of his mouth.


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