As the New York Jets get ready for their preseason opener on August 12 against the Titans, we continue to update you on the latest info coming out of Florham Park.

Whether he was setting Pac-12 receiving records or just being himself in front of the media, Gabe Marks has always been used to getting attention, just not the attention he wants.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated before the draft, Marks spoke openly about the fact that everyone he has ever met in football has told him he is too small and too slow.

“It’s not a persona, though, you know,” he says. “Like maybe I really was the most interesting person in college football. I can’t, like, fake that.”

Signed as an undrafted free agent, Marks has caught the eye of former WR Steven Smith Sr. After commenting on the talents of Quincy Enunwa and Robbie Anderson, Smith’s next target was Marks. “…But a guy I was watching kinda a little bit — Marks. He finished well, he caught the ball well, he has some giddy-up in his step.”

Other New York Jets media noticed his contributions as well as said this “Gabe Marks continues to flash good hands and nice route-running ability”

One of 14 WR in camp, Marks certainly has his work cut out for him, but he has already impressed with his ability to catch balls and be a consistent target that isn’t afraid to come wherever he needs to catch the ball.

In his last two seasons at Washington State in Mike Leach’s Air Raid Offense, Marks totaled 193 catches for 2,086 yards and 28 TD. Not bad for a guy always thought too slow and small to play the game.

Besides his playmaking ability, Marks takes after another Marks, Groucho, with his ability to make people laugh and entertain the media.

“Oh my God, Gabe is hilarious,” says Marks’s mother, Jordanna Gersh. “The stuff Gabe says, it’s just off the top of his head. He doesn’t even pause long enough to think up something clever, which is crazy.”

Marks is also an avid reader and interested in things beyond the football field. Before sat down with Marks, he had binge-watched a seven-hour documentary series on ancient Egypt with his girlfriend, and recently finished “The Lost Symbol”, a sequel to the highly popular religious thriller “The Da Vinci Code.” He’s since moved onto the Emerald Tablet, an ancient philosophical text.

Who knows if Marks will stick with the Jets, but he is another interesting player to keep an eye on this training camp.

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