Several factors will prevent Cousins-McVay reunion

Kirk Cousins is not only holds the keys to his own future, but his decisions could affect teams for years to come. Among the teams whose future depends on what Cousins’ does less than a year from now is most of the NFC West.

The Los Angeles Rams are the must-have team on any list that predicts possible landing spots for Cousins in 2018. Every genius with a sports blog is predicting Cousins’ arrival in LA to be a reunion between he and former offensive coordinator-turned-head coach, Sean McVay. It’s a hypothesis that people beat to death.

The Rams are not the only team with quarterback troubles, by the way. Every team in the NFC West is also struggling at quarterback, except for the Seattle Seahawks. The Arizona Cardinals era under Carson Palmer is coming to a close and the San Francisco 49ers have been trying to find a replacement since 2015.

By the way, the teams aiming at a Cousins’ pitch don’t end with the division.

To say the Rams possess the best chance of luring in Cousins is naive and holds little weight. Especially when you consider the future investments the Rams will be forced to consider outside of gaining a new quarterback (we will touch on that in a bit).

Investments tied elsewhere

The first investment being Aaron Donald, the league’s best player. The Rams stated Donald’s extension is a team priority. While nothing has happened, yet, let’s say the Rams and Donald get an extension finished in time for training camp. Whatever the deal is, it will be more than Fletcher Cox’s and more than JJ Watt’s.

According to Robert Mays of The Ringer, Cox’s $63.3 million in guaranteed money as starting off point for a potential extension.

And that’s just one player’s extension. While Donald is the best player on their roster, the Rams will want to retain their draft picks like Alec Ogeltree and Todd Gurley.

Let’s also not forget about the first-round draft pick the Rams have on their roster; Jared Goff.

The 2016 season was terrible to say the least, but it’s a season that is taken with a grain of salt. Jeff Fisher and a tight ends coach named offensive coordinator a year before, Rob Boras, handled Goff’s grooming. Goff also lined up behind the worst offensive line in the league and ran the league’s worst offense.

Goff made the throws, but to pin everything on the kid is absurd.

There are no guarantees, but it’s not far-fetched to think McVay has a good shot at helping Jared Goff become a solid quarterback. McVay isn’t the only cook in the kitchen, mind you. He also has new offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur and quarterbacks coach Greg Olson.

Olson, the Jacksonville Jaguars OC in 2015, helped Blake Bortles throw for more than 4,000 yards and 35 touchdowns in his second season. He did throw 18 interceptions, but Goff’s 2016 pace pegged him to throw 16 interceptions last season, so it’s not that bad considering.

Cousins’-to-LA sounds nice in a perfect world. But the Rams’ world is far from perfect. Cousins’ will most likely be in another team’s colors next season. Unfortunately for Rams’ fans, it will not be blue-and-white.


Training camp is around the corner

The time of only-baseball highlights on SportsCenter is coming to an end, and for that, I thank the football gods. I am growing a little tired of re-watching old college football and NFL games online.

I can’t watch anything else because there really isn’t anything else for me to watch. Games of Thrones is not for me (NERDS!). House of Cards latest season was blown through in about a week. The second season of Stranger Things doesn’t come out until the end of October.

Football’s return really couldn’t come at a better time.


One last, brief thought on Snead’s numbered days in Los Angeles

There really isn’t much to expand on at the moment, but I believe this will be Snead’s final season with the Rams.

Unlike other Stan Kroenke-owned franchises, this Rams team is acting like it wants to be successful. The head coach has a high football IQ and doesn’t appear to be cancer for young quarterbacks like Jeff Fisher seemed to be. The coaching staff looks far more impressive this time around. Jared Goff is getting a chance to succeed.

Things are looking up for this team. No, for real this time.

There are only a few items left on the to-do list, of which include getting a uniform combination that matches and firing Snead.

Snead’s window with the Rams should have been shut along with Fisher. But for whatever reason, he received more time. In that time, he failed to finally nail down a Trumaine Johnson contract extension, again. During his tenure with the Rams, his only successful contract extension with a big-name draft pick is Tavon Austin.

If Austin was the player everyone expected him to be, however, I doubt he would sign when he did. But Austin being the player he is, or was up until 2016, wasn’t going to get a deal like that anywhere else. It was a gimme putt for Snead.

The nail in the coffin for Snead will be if the Donald talks derail and are tabled for the rest of the season. If that happens, he may as well pack up his office.