An unfortunate setback for the 49ers has come up with Reuben Foster’s injury.

The Alabama product is now going to be sidelined with a high ankle sprain that will keep from the field for roughly a month or more. It’s not what Foster wanted to hear. Especially, after he said that he would be back, “very, very, very soon.”

Shades of last season are starting to show with this injury to one of the team’s best defenders. Now the 49ers will need to regroup and figure out how to come back from this.

What can the 49ers do after Foster’s injury?

It won’t be an easy task to replace what the first-round linebacker can do on the field. But the team does have a good replacement for him.

Ray-Ray Armstrong is a talented player that has experience as NaVorro Bowman’s running mate. He has great range and is still young and athletic, which is what the team needs from a Bowman running mate with the All-Pro’s deterioration from injury.

In Foster’s absence, Armstrong recorded six total tackles (five of them were solo). He’s a viable option for this defense and would be a starter on a few other teams.

What does this injury mean for Foster?

It’s a setback to what many believed was going to be a defensive rookie of the year candidate year. Now, he’ll have to wait to come back to the action.

It’s going to be a tough schedule for the 49ers ahead with what’s to come. Three straight divisional matchups are coming soon, as well as a three-game road trip for San Francisco.

Both the 49ers and their first-rounder will be awaiting the return from this injury.