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Ben Grimaldi

SPOT: Statement Game for Dallas Cowboys

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The Dallas Cowboys sit at 5-4 and are one of the most inconsistent teams in the NFL. Dallas seems to play some of their best football against the better teams in the league and lose focus against some of the worst. The Cowboys fought the Denver Broncos tooth and nail only to fall late, yet they also allowed the Minnesota Vikings to lead their game late last weekend, only to pull out a last second win.

In the NFL, the only thing that matters is wins and losses but it's maddening for fans of the Cowboys to wonder what they will be getting from their favorite team each. And with that said, the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night is a huge opportunity for the Cowboys to prove what they are capable of.

Make no mistake about it; the Cowboys are in a tough spot against the Saints. The Dallas defense has been ripped to pieces by injury, which in turn, has led them to being ripped to shreds by high-level signal callers. The Cowboys have already allowed four quarterbacks to throw for over 400 yards and Drew Brees is up next against a defense that is missing one of their best cornerbacks, a starting safety and quite possibly their best defensive player so far this season in Jason Hatcher. It's a tall order for the Cowboys to come out of New Orleans with a win.

Yet this is the NFL and any given Sunday has never been more appropriate than in the past few years.

Dallas has the ability and the talent to beat the Saints and this is type of game that can make a statement for the Cowboys. If Dallas can get the win over the Saints it would mean a 6-4 record heading into their bye week with a good feeling. Beating New Orleans in the Superdome would give the Cowboys the confidence that they can go on the road and beat a good team, which is something that haven't been able to say in recent years. Getting a win this Sunday could give the Cowboys momentum for the rest of the season and possibly end their streak of mediocrity.

Despite what the schedule looks like, the Cowboys still have work to do to win the NFC East but they also have the opportunity to be much better than a 9-7 division winner. Beating the Saints could bring the type of confidence into their bye week that could propel a better season that 'just' winning the division. It's very important that Dallas come out of this game against New Orleans with a good feeling about themselves and to set up a strong stretch run for their last six games. Sitting with a bad feeling in their mouths for two weeks is not in the best interest of the Cowboys, especially since they come out of their bye week against the New York Giants.

Beating the Saints will not be easy and it is a daunting task for the Dallas Cowboys, but they have the opportunity in front of them achieve their goals with a win on Sunday. A short-handed Cowboys team will need to bring their best game of the season to New Orleans this week because it's more than just one game. For the Cowboys it's a statement game and they don't come around often.

Let's hope history repeats itself in the Superdome.

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I want to see Romo start giving Dez Bryant the Megatron treatment.  Chuck the ball deep to him about 8-10 times a game, because Dez is going to win that battle more than he loses it.


You know how Case Keenum a couple times just chucked it up there for AJ?  Bring some of that to the offense.

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