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Thoughts from Houston Game

1. Jake Locker is not excellent… yet: The young is exactly that- young. He’s going to make mistakes, which he minimized against the Texans. Despite some really bad throws (such as over throwing Kenny Britt on a slant route), Jake had a pretty good game. He had one fumbled, which he was able to recover, which was forgotten because of his 2 touchdown, no interception performance. That brings him to a 2/0 TD/INT ratio with a 1-1 record in 2013 (where Eli Manning has a 5/7 ratio with a 0-2 record). Jake is doing what the coaches have asked him to do, and that is to not turn the ball over; however, he has to become more accurate and complete those “necessary” passes for this team to win games.

2. The Offensive Line is not Elite: The Texans have an elite defensive front that brings terror to opposing quarterbacks. That helps explain why the offensive line struggled so heavily in Houston; however, they have to play better than they did. Jake Locker was sacked four times and was pressured even more. This offensive line has to give Jake Locker and company more room to work. Even more deflating were the penalties on Rob Turner (holding) and Andy Levitre (false start). Rob Turner struggled the whole game, leaving Titans fans questioning why he is starting and why Fernando Velasco was released.

3. Darius Reynaud is a Problem: He needs to stop fielding punts if they are inside the 20. Accept a touchback for crying out loud! He has given the Titans horrible field position for two seasons in a row, and I am not sure why he is our kick returner.

4. Kenny Britt is a… headache: Offensive holding, drops, lack of effort to catch the overthrown pass by Jake Locker… That pretty much sums up his game in Houston. He had a few grabs but not enough to win the game. He has to be more effective if he is going to stay on this team after the 2013 season, as his contract runs up soon.

5. Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains Needs to “Let ‘Er Rip”: The offense looked good when the playbook was opened up. Loggains was too conservative in calling plays with a predictable run-run-pass approach. The Texans were able to easily stop the run game, despite Chris Johnson’s 96-yard performance. The Titans were able to score on a 99-yard drive because of opened-up play calling. If Loggains consistently runs the offense like that, the team will perform fantastically.

6. The Defense is Legit: Oh. My. Goodness. This defense is great. They played very well and contained the powerful Texans to a measly 14 points until the 4th quarter, when the offense’ s ineptitude led to the defense being gassed and unable to stop Arian Foster and the young phenom, DeAndre Hopkins. Bernard Pollard and Alterraun Verner each got an interception (Verner’s was his first pick-6 in the NFL). Zach Brown made 11 tackles to hold Arian Foster to 79 yards, but it just wasn’t enough.

7. The Titans have a Legitimate Chance to Win the AFC South: The Titans don’t have an easy schedule, but it is easier than Houston’s. The Titans aren’t going to be facing defenses as difficult as Pittsburgh’s and Houston’s. If the Titans offense can score 17 points against the Houston defense, they will have no problem against many of the other teams that they will face in 2013. The Indianapolis Colts are not playing as well as expected, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are still the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans have a very good chance to take the division crown after a 1-1 record on the road.

Thoughts for San Diego:

1. The Offense will Look Better: The Chargers have an electric offense (no pun intended); however, their defense is not impressive whatsoever. With three sacks in two games, the defense will have to really work to give Jake Locker trouble in LP Field on Sunday. The team has also only intercepted one pass, and that was by the nose tackle Cam Thomas. Jake Locker has not thrown an interception yet, and he will likely continue this streak against San Diego.

2. Philip Rivers is Back: The inconsistent quarterback seems to have returned to strong form. Rivers has a 65.8% completion percentage with 9 touchdowns and 1 interception in two games. This will be a real test for the Titans offense. This will be the most energized passing game that the Titans have faced so far in 2013 and will have to really work to stop Antonio Gates and Eddie Royal.

3. The Chargers must still miss LT: The running game is nothing that the Titans will need to worry about. The leading rusher for the team is Ryan Mathews… with 106 rushing yards in two games. Ouch. If the Titans can hold Arian Foster to 79 yards, then Ryan Mathews might as well be Jamie Harper. The Titans will be able to focus on Philip Rivers’s arial attack with their running game being basically nonexistent.

What to Expect for the Next Week:

1. News of Shonn Greene's Injury: The absence of Shonn Greene hurt the Titans against the Texans. Jackie Battle is good, but he isn't a 1,000-yard rusher like the former New York Jet. Look for him to get back to practice and back to health for the game against the Chargers.

2. The Emergence of Damian Williams, Justin Hunter, and Michael Preston: With Kenny Britt struggling, the team may look to get some help from the receivers under him on the depth chart. The three other receivers showed flashes of brilliance in the preseason.

3. Rotation at the Center Position: After Robert Turner struggled against the Texans, expect to see rookie Brian Schwenke to get some snaps with the starters to see if he can outshine the veteran.

4. George Wilson: Bernard Pollard has a somewhat of flaw with coverage. Because the Titans will be facing a tough arial attack, George Wilson should get some more time with the starters as the strong safety for coverage.


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I don't know that you can have a rotation at the center position, but outside of that, I pretty much agreed with all of the points that you made. Jake Locker impressed me yesterday - a lot. He had a great game when they opened the playbook up for him. The 99 yard drive was clutch QB play. The game should have been sealed - I'm putting this one on the coaches. 


The only thing I saw that was frustrating, is the OLine pass blocking. It was a problem all pre-season as well. They've got to get it together. And as much as I hate to say it, Warmack was responsible more often than not. 

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I'll be a Titans fan when they play San Diego...


Do you guys think you can stop Rivers?

Definitely. Besides Gates, his best receiver is Eddie Royal. I'm not too worried.

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This is what the Eagles just dealt with:




Philip Rivers played well... who do the Titans have to stop him?

Jurrell Casey and Derrick Morgan will keep a lot of pressure on him, Zach Brown can make plays against the tight ends, Alterraun Verner and Jason McCourty are both great corners (in fact, PFF has ranked Verner as the best corner from the first two weeks of the season), and Bernard Pollard is that.

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Our problems are not on the defensive side of the ball.

Except for covering tight ends. We still cannot do that, which is my one fear. Antonio Gates may shred us to pieces.

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