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SPOT Official: Fantasy League Signups

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This is the place to sign up for our official fantasy league. Here's the gist of what's going on....


We will create as many leagues as we can fill. 

All leagues will be hosted through

All leagues will have standard scoring.

Number of teams per league will depend on how many people sign up. 

There will be cumulative standings amongst all leagues, based on point totals. 

Free entry.

Awards will be given to top 5. 


At the end of the season, the teams who finish in the top 10, in the cumulative standings will move to an upper league the following season. 

At the end of the season, the teams who finish in the bottom 10, in the cumulative standings, will drop to a lower league the following season. 

If you are in a league for the first time, you will start in a regular division. 


I'll have league information for you as soon as signups close. In the meantime, I need a master list of who is playing this season. Reply saying you are in and I'll edit this topic and update the list. Would love to see everyone involved.


We did this last year, but I can't access the standings to know who gets promoted and who doesn't... Looks like we are starting fresh under the PFS name. 



  1. JHutch
  2. Jake Author
  3. Tyler6914
  4. B_V
  5. Rybcon
  6. FantasyFootBallers
  7. Buffalo Nick
  8. Kenneth Gomez
  9. d3vanj
  10. jhill55
  11. PhinsUp
  12. DeJonne Johnson
  13. cjw
  14. Nickolas Danforth
  15. John Burbach
  16. Frank Peters
  17. Lambeau Leap
  18. Garrett Kerman
  19. Sami Mamou
  20. bphodges
  21. Jets201
  22. Paul Phillips
  23. Johnny Shea
  24. ST26
  25. Anthony Rizzuti
  26. Bobferg
  27. jsamilo
  28. TEK
  29. Lucky11
  30. Truth Hurts Huffman
  31. Lucas Polglaze
  32. Jeff Gilley
  33. Joey Rebbe
  34. Chad Jensen
  35. Blake Meek
  36. Mike Procopio
  37. Tecmo Bo
  38. Kenney Cember
  39. Nick Kost
  40. Jakuvious
  41. Chris Schad
  42. WhatPezSays
  43. Brandon Stephens
  44. LT21Titans27
  45. McDooooobz
  46. Simba
  47. Zillio
  48. Red N Gold
  49. skach88
  50. Falcon Phenom65

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