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Evan Massey

SPOT: Exclusive Interview: Jeremy Kelley, WR, Indianapolis Colts

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Q. Thank you for joining us today Jeremy. How are you doing?

A. I'm great man! Getting acclimated to the new environment, teammates, coaches, etc... Meeting a lot of great folks outside of football as well. Really enjoying what the city of Indianapolis has to offer.

Q. How does it feel to finally make it to the NFL level?

A. You know when I first came out to Indy for my workout I expected to EARN my contract that day. Just as I always expected to make it to the NFL. I never lost sight of that belief because it's all I had. Literally. My bio isn't filled with post-season accolades and tremendous stats. I beat the odds. The "experts" would probably say I'm not supposed to be here. But that being said, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Not to be confused with satisfaction. I finally have my foot in the door of the opportunity that I've worked towards my entire life, and I intend to do everything within my power to stay.

Q. What would you tell the fans who don't know much about you, to expect from you on the field?

A. They can expect to see a tough, physical, all around FOOTBALL PLAYER. I don't want to be known as just a receiver, I want to be looked at as a great ball player.

Q. Are you close with any other NFL players?

A. Yes I am. I've been fortunate enough to meet and develop close relationships with many former and current NFL players and even a couple NFL HOF'ers, through family and friends. Or simply crossing paths on other pro teams. The Gronkowski brothers and I all grew up training together back in Buffalo under the tutelage of former NFL wide receiver Demeris Johnson, who is like a father to me. Jacksonville Jaguar and fellow Maine Black Bear, Montell Owens I consider a mentor. Montell's special teams dedication motivated me to become great at teams, and I hope to follow is path to the Pro Bowl as a special teamer myself. I could go on to list more but for time sake, I've just been blessed to surround myself with good, positive people, who've made it and were able to pass on advice and let me know the in's and out's of the business.

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Q. At what age did you begin playing football? When did you realize you had this kind of talent?

A. I first started playing at age 7, and haven't stopped since. Last fall was actually the first fall since the second grade that I wasn't suiting up for games. (Although I spent the spring/summer playing in the AFL, so it wasn't like sitting out a year out of football.) I knew when I started that I wanted to be in the NFL. But it didn't become a reality to me until my trainer Demeris Johnson took me from playing Quarterback my Sophmore year in high school and turned me into a wideout and explained to me I had what it takes to make it to the pro level.

Q. How excited are you to be playing with a QB with the skill of Andrew Luck?

A. To play with an up and coming NFL great is more than you can ask for as a receiver! Andrew is about as chill as can be and obviously very intelligent.

Q. Changing the genre of questions to off the field for a minute. What do you like to do in your free time? What's your favorite movie?

A. I enjoying doing a wide variety of things. I can be very extroverted and out on the scene, but I enjoy being a home body just as much. I could spend hours drawing and or creating digital art via photoshop. I love live music, and attending concerts. I will out bowl just about anybody lol.(maybe not anybody but I am a pretty good bowler). I'm not a movie bluff but I do enjoy the theater. And I can't say I have just one favorite movie.

Q. What would you tell a young WR with NFL dreams to do?

A. BELIEVE in yourself and WORK! Whatever your goal may be hold fast to it and never let it leave your sight. There will be doubters and nay sayers the whole way, but if you keep your head down, work diligently and BELIEVE, before you know it, your goals will come to pass.

If you'd like to give Jeremy a follow on Twitter, here is his account: (@JK_Kelley)

Also give Pro Football Spot's Twitter account a follow if you would: (@pfspot)

Thanks for reading, and comments are very much appreciated!

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Jeremy is a guy I'm really pulling for. The Colts have never had a receiver with his size. He faces an uphill battle with the guys he's competing with, but I'm really hoping he can do enough in training amp to become the 4th or 5th receiver. I'll definitely have my eye on him when I go visit training camp next week.

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Fantastic interview.


Everything I've heard about Kelley leaves me extremely impressed. As Jake stated previously, it will definitely be a tough road for him heading into camp with the many options the Colts have at wide receiver.


A lot of people are skeptical about Brazill moving forward. I may be one of the few left, but I am still optimistic he will be able to eventually be a difference maker for the Colts. However, the off-field trash must be cleaned up before this franchise can feel confidence in him.

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