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Evan Massey

SPOT: Exclusive Interview: Marc Anthony, CB, Baltimore Ravens

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Q. Thanks for joining us today Marc, how are you doing?

A. Im doing fine thanks for having me!

Q. How exciting is it to know that you've finally reached your goal of making it to the NFL?

A. It feels great knowing that all the hard work that youve put in over the years has finally paid off; but it doesnt stop there, you have to continue to prove that you deserve to be there.

Q. For those who aren't very familiar with your game, what will you bring to the field in Baltimore?

A. That physical, Relentless and fierce style of play that Baltimore plays with.

Q. Are you close with any current NFL players, or fellow rookies? If so can you name a few?

A. My cousin, Cameron Jordan, plays for NO Saints. But I also trained with Matt Elam during the offseason.

Q. When did you begin playing the game of football? At what age did you realize you had major potential?

A. I started playing around 6 yrs old. I always wanted to play professionally but soon as i started receiving division 1 scholarships, i told myself that if i put in the work ill be able to make those dreams com true and thats exactly what i did.

Q. Do you have a "career highlight"? Basically one play or game in particular that stands out to you?

A. It would be getting an INT against ASU and beating them to go to a bowl game.

Q. What do you think will be the hardest thing about jumping from college football to the NFL?

A. Theres alot of information that you need to learn compared to college football. But once you get a good understanding of what to do...the rest is just playing football. something youve done for years.

Q. Changing the topic for two questions here. What is your favorite food? What kind of music do you listen to before games to pump you up?

A. I love Mexican food, I can eat it for days. But i love hip-hop music.

Q. Is there a current NFL DB that you would compare your game to?

A. No disrespect, but Theres alot of good DB's but im hoping to make a name for myself in this league.

Q. Who would you say has made the biggest impact on your career, to help get you to this point.

A. My family and the support they've given me throughout my career was paramount in helping me get to where i am now.

If you'd like to give Marc a follow on Twitter, here is his account: (@May_Deuce)

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