Former Jacksonville Jaguars players Jason Babin and Kyle Bosworth start realty firm catering to current NFL players.

Jason Babin and Kyle Bosworth, both former players with the Jacksonville Jaguars, have started Redzone Realty Group in Jacksonville, FL. Redzone Realty Group is a realty firm that specializes in finding homes for NFL players moving to the First Coast to join the Jaguars.


As former players, both Babin and Bosworth have experienced the same issues their clients now face. In an industry like the NFL, very few things are promised. The bouncing around and uncertainty of a players career can create the need to move their selves and families quickly, which can often require breaking leases and staying in hotels long term until a home is available. The Jaguars recently signed linebacker Josh McNary, for example, spent a month living in a hotel and searching for a place to live before Redzone Realty Group stepped in.


Babin and Bosworth feel their unique understanding of the players situations differentiate Redzone Realty Group from any other firm in Jacksonville. Babin says, “I think the biggest thing about what we do is we put the player first. I think that’s what makes all of the guys up at the stadium comfortable with us. That’s what we do, we’ve been there, we’ve been in their shoes and we’re going to put them first.”


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