The road to Super Bowl 52 is under way, but plenty of fans still have last February on their minds.

Atlanta Falcons fans need to accept the truth: the worst collapse in Super Bowl history is never going to go away. There might be a collapse worse in the future, but the results of Super Bowl 51 are now written in stone.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the defeat. Sadness, anger, and denial are all symptoms for the loss to the New England Patriots. Okay, maybe not denial, but still, there are plenty of emotions swirling around the Fanbase.

The unfortunate news is the pain of the worst collapse in history will stay forever.

This isn’t an article to bash the Falcons or mock the pain of fans. It is simply a note of acceptance.

It is a bit ironic, but the person writing this article is a Patriots fan. Again this is not about gloating, it is pure honesty. As a Patriots fan, it is easy to get caught up in five Super Bowl rings in less than two decades.

No matter how many more the Patriots win, ask their fans about the New York Giants. Ask Patriots fans about 18-1. The pain is still there and will never go away. It is what makes sports so much fun. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is an immortal phrase every true fan will experience in their lifetime.

Other fans and trolls will continue to make references to the 25-3 lead, but in time, it will fade away. There will always be a new social reference. Look at the past few years. Dez caught the ball. Seattle should have ran the ball. The list goes on and on, which is another reason why sports are amazing. They keep delivering moments to jeer or cheer.

The only thing Falcons can do is focus on the future. One day they will be on the good side of a bad call, winning on another team’s foolish mistake, or perhaps a great comeback. As a fanbase, it is better to have heart-breaking moments than no moments at all with a team in constant irrelevancy.

Embrace the memory and keep cheering for your team.

Lead Writer for the Atlanta Falcons. Former Managing and Sports Editor at The Suffolk Journal. Former Host of Clash of the Rams: The Sports Talk Show.