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The NFL watched as the Bills, Rams and Eagles made some of the most blockbuster trades in NFL history. The Bills ended up trading former fourth overall pick Sammy Watkins in return for E.J. Gaines and a second round pick. They then acquired Jordan Matthews and a third round pick for one of their best cornerbacks in Ronald Darby.

The two trades reminded us of two big problems in the NFL:

  1. The Bills are still directionless and will likely struggle in 2017

2. There needs to be way more player for player trades in the league

One of the two most exciting times during the MLB/NBA season is the trade deadline. Between the thousands of updates on Twitter to major players moving teams, it’s one of the most intriguing and fun times for sports fans.

Imagine if we had that in the NFL. The rumor mill would be churning 24/7 with potential major trades. Of course it could lead to the creation of “super teams”, but it would also make the league much more fun.

It’s unlikely we see that any time soon. The Bills trades were some of the most shocking in recent memory. But let’s assume these deals chance the philosophy of the NFL and more trades do occur.

If that was to happen, here are four trades the Bears would likely consider. While they may not be blockbuster deals like the Bills, they would help the Bears rid themselves of veteran contracts as they look to continue their rebuild back to stardom.

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Dan Fappiano is the Chicago Bears Lead Writer for Pro Football Spot. He is also currently a Journalism Major at Central Connecticut State University. He is a passionate Bears' fan who is still reeling after the 2006 Super Bowl loss. You may follow him on Twitter @DFappiano14 where he loves receiving compliments and arguing about how the Bears totally won't suck in 2017.