The New England Patriots have been wheeling and dealing this offseason.

The most notable came Friday night when the Patriots acquired WR Brandin Cooks from the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints received the Patriots’ first-round pick at No. 32 overall, the last selection of the round. The Patriots also will trade a third-round pick (No. 103) to New Orleans and receive the Saints’ fourth-round pick (No. 118).

Big questions remain in the Patriots offseason including what will happen with QB Jimmy Garoppolo and CB Malcolm Butler? Both players have been linked to possible trade rumors for potential first round picks.

We have seen Bill Belichick in the past make some great first round picks, players who have contributed to Super Bowl victories. Some have not been so great. It would be great to see Butler stay as a fan favorite and rising star, and possibly Garoppolo if he is the next quarterback after Tom Brady.

Currently, the Patriots do not have a first round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. If Butler and Garoppolo are traded for first rounders, hopefully those players pan out and can help right away.

Bill Belichick’s First Round Picks

  • 2000: No pick
  • 2001: Richard Seymour
  • 2002: Daniel Graham
  • 2003: Ty Warren
  • 2004: Vince Wilfork, Benjamin Watson
  • 2005: Logan Mankins
  • 2006: Laurence Maroney
  • 2007: Brandon Meriweather
  • 2008: Jerod Mayo
  • 2009: No pick
  • 2010: Devin McCourty
  • 2011: Nate Solder
  • 2012: Chandler Jones, Dont’a Hightower
  • 2013: No pick
  • 2014: Dominque Easley
  • 2015: Malcom Brown