What will happen at pick number two?

The NFL Draft is in a month’s time, and it’s still unknown what will happen with the 49ers’ first round pick. It all comes down to what will happen first overall with the Browns, and even that’s a mystery. Many believe that Cleveland will go with Myles Garrett, rumors say that they might go with a quarterback. Some speculation is that they might trade away their draft pick for a quarterback instead.

The bottom line is that there are some scenarios with the Browns; the same is true about the 49ers. Because of this, I will be going through all of the different possibilities that could happen when the 49ers are on the clock.

Draft Scenario #1: The Browns take Garrett, and the 49ers go with a QB

Myles Garrett is the draft’s top prospect on everyone’s mock draft board. He’s a can’t miss pass rusher that has been heralded for his phenomenal play during his time at Texas A&M. With this being the most likely thing to happen if the Browns don’t trade away their pick then the 49ers may end up having to settle with drafting a quarterback.

Many believe that if the 49ers don’t have Garrett still on the board, then they will take North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky. He’s shown great poise from his brief time as the starter for the Tar Heels, and John Lynch has praised the 22-year-old after watching his game film with Kyle Shanahan.

However, other quarterbacks are also garnering the same amount of love. Guys like DeShone Kizer, Patrick Mahomes, and DeShaun Watson just to name a few that are worth a second look. It would be important for the 49ers not to reach for a quarterback. However, with how desperate the 49ers are, expect them to make this move.

Draft Scenario #2: The Browns pick Trubisky, and the 49ers go for Garrett

It’s rumored that the Browns are considering using the top pick on the North Carolina product. This means that the top overall player in the draft would be available for the 49ers.

This is possibly the team’s dream situation considering how historically bad the defense was last year. Garrett will not only bring depth to the defensive line but will be a much-needed pass rusher.

The team would have to wait until their next pick or trade up to get their long-term answer. Either way, they go, Shanahan will still try to create a comfortable offense for whomever the 49ers choose.

Draft Scenario #3: The 49ers trade down for more picks

The quarterback position isn’t the only area where they need improvement. If the team feels a quarterback isn’t worth the second pick, then they can trade down to help at another position.

Some players that the 49ers can look at are:

  • Alabama’s Johnathan Allen at Defensive End/Defensive Tackle and Reuben Foster at Inside Linebacker: Either one of these standouts from Nick Saban’s team can significantly help the 49ers defense.
  • Clemson’s Mike Williams at Wide Receiver: Shanahan knows just how important a number one receiver is for an offense. Williams can be just as impactful as a Julio Jones or Andre Johnson.
  • Ohio State’s Malik Hooker at Safety: It’s unsure what will happen with Antoine Bethea. However, getting an excellent safety like Hooker would do great things for the 49ers.

It is a move that Trent Baalke would have done, though, but it is still a safe bet when adding depth and valuable players.

Draft Scenario #4: The 49ers trade for Kirk Cousins

The Redskins franchise tagged the frustrated quarterback. However, they are still open to trade offers. The thing is, they will only do it if they’re “blown away” by the offer. Cousins has made it clear that he wants to play in San Francisco, even saying that he would only accept a trade if it’s to the 49ers.

The 49ers can trade their draft pick and then some for Cousins so that he can be reunited with Shanahan. It would not only help all parties, but most importantly it would end the conundrum involving the Redskins and Cousins.

Just waiting until draft day now

All of these scenarios can happen. At the end of it all, we’re all just waiting to see what the 49ers will do.