Recently, a friend of mine and I traveled from Iowa to Chicago to see the Bears practice at Soldier Field.The event was coupled with several other activities both inside and outside of the stadium. It was a real treat for Bears fans. But what happened during the scrimmage?  Here are five things this writer noticed during Family Fest.

Tarik Cohen is a Beast

Tarik Cohen, who was thought to be just a one-dimensional gimmick player when he was drafted, put on quite a show.  He proved he could run inside as well as outside and take the punishment that a regular running back takes. He was Chicago’s best play maker on the field on Saturday.  If there was any doubt that he could only be used in special situations, that was erased this Saturday. Cohen can be utilized in every offensive situation possible.

Cohen will easily make the team and will contribute much more often than four or five plays a game. The Bears will get a lot of use out of him if he can stay healthy.  He could easily end up being a star in the NFL if he can withstand the punishment.

Where Did Leonard Floyd Put on All the Weight?

If you keep track of Leonard Floyd as much as I do, you will know that he added about 25 pounds since coming into the league last year. But after seeing him in person last year and then again this year, I still wonder where he added all the weight. After getting a good look at him Saturday, Floyd still appears lean and light even after adding the weight. Ultimately, what matters is how he gets to the quarterback and how many plays he can make. The location of his extra 25 pounds is probably a moot point.

Floyd displayed some skill Saturday that has me expecting big things from him this season. If he can hold up better than he did last year, Floyd will have an excellent year rushing the passer. Floyd just needs someone opposite him to take the extra blockers away and give him time to get up the field. After seeing some of the other guys on the field Saturday, the talent is there for Floyd to succeed.

Glennon Off Target?

Quarterback Mike Glennon had a bit of a rough day by some standards, but he did have a few good moments too. He had a couple of errant passes including one that sailed way out of bounds, to the point where it looked like he was trying to throw it into the stands. Glennon however did throw a touchdown pass to tight end Dion Sims; so it wasn’t all bad.

He had his ups and downs, and everyone does, but for a quarterback in front of a large crowd, Glennon’s downs left you scratching your head.

I thought that Mark Sanchez had the best day of the three quarterbacks. His passes were crisp and he had a firm control of the offense. He does have the most experience, and it’s not out of the question to think that he could end up starting. That might sound crazy, but it’s possible. Even rookie Mitchell Trubisky could end up starting with a few good outings There is still a long way until the regular season and a lot of preseason football left to go. After Saturday, the starting spot at quarterback does not appear to be locked down yet, at least in my mind.

Kicking Woes

This is old news now but ex-Bear kicker Andy Phillips had a very bad day. You don’t pay too much attention to the kickers at practice, do you?  Well, you do when they miss almost every kick they try to make. Now I know that teams bring in an additional kicker to help give the starter some rest and that’s all that Phillips was to the Bears. And now he’s gone.

The good news is, Connor Barth had a good day.

Mitchell Trubisky’s First Soldier Field Completion

In all the action Saturday, something not to forget was that everyone there got to witness a part of Bears’ history.  That piece of history was seeing newly drafted quarterback Mitchell Trubisky throw his first completion at Soldier Field. It would appear as if quite a few people at the event were there to see Trubisky. When his name went out over the PA system, the fans cheered loudly. When the announcer told us that he had just completed his first NFL pass, they raised their voices in pleasure.

The Trubisky jerseys were seen everywhere on Saturday, and there will be much more sold over the next few years. This was just the start of what fans hope will be a bright future for both the young quarterback and the Chicago Bears.


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