This week’s film study reflecting on the Browns vs. Ravens game from this past week will begin by focusing on each of the team’s five turnovers. I found a nice way to do some annotations at the beginning of GIFs along with some pausing, so hopefully it makes the plays easier for you to follow.
Turnover #1 – Fumble in the 1st Quarter

The Ravens lined rush linebacker Terrell Suggs wide on RT Shon Coleman on this 3rd-and-13 play mid-way through the third quarter. First, you can see that the protection is “good enough” for a play like this when you know defenders are pinning their ears back. By the time Kizer gets sacked, 4.5 seconds have gone by. RB Duke Johnson did a good job picking up the blitz S Tony Jefferson. A sack isn’t the worst thing in the world here; it’s the fumble that really hurts.


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