Before he was kicked off the sidelines, Dickerson said Mannion impressed him

Eric Dickerson said Sean Mannion should have started and should start for the Los Angeles Rams last season, not Jared Goff.

And why is that? Because Mannion impressed him in a practice early last year.

“…(Mannion)’s a big guy. Got a great arm. I was at practice early last year before I got kicked off the sidelines. I was standing next to some of the guys,” Dickerson said to Doug Gottlieb, who was filling in on The Herd.

“I said, “Man, he can throw that [inaudible]” and he said, “Eric, he can throw it.” I said, “Why they won’t play him?” He said, “Yanno. The money.”

Does “The Legend” Have A Point?

While a former player himself, Dickerson doesn’t appear to know that much about his pick. Keep in mind, earlier in the show Dickerson didn’t know where Mannion played at school. It was Oregon State. But I can understand the lapse of memory, seeing how Dickerson is mulling over so much game tape between the two quarterbacks.

Like a lot of fans, Dickerson is starting to show his frustration. Goff played one of the worst seasons for a rookie. A fair chunk of the 2016 season was on him, because he’s making the throws. But the supporting cast and his coaches, namely Jeff Fisher and Rob Boras, share the blame.

Mannion is talented. He showed a lot of promise in the 2016 preseason. But to say he’s any better than Goff in the same situation? That doesn’t seem likely.

Unless Mannion puts on a clinic in training camp, he will be the No. 2 behind Goff. Sean McVay isn’t tied to Goff, but reports are saying Goff is making the  improvements and impressing the new staff. But should Goff’s struggles continue, the Sean Mannion’s biggest fan might be even more vocal.

You can see the clip of the Dickerson rant here