The Injury Bug Could Benefit Aaron Donald

Although Aaron Donald is holding out, he may be the winner of the Rams’s first week of camp. The talented defensive line gave the Rams’s front office SOME leverage in Donald’s contract talks. Well, the Rams just lost another critical piece to their defensive line. They found out that Dominique Easley will be out the remainder of the season after suffering a torn ACL. Easley’s injury leaves the Rams without a starting defensive end.

How Does Donald Benefit?

With Easley out the rest of the year, the Rams’s front office may be more inclined to come to an agreement with Donald’s camp. Right now, they have Louis Trinca-Pasat (an undrafted free agent) and Tanzel Smart (a 6th round pick) in the place for Donald and Easley. Try as they might, neither of them will be able to produce the same as Donald. The defensive line was projected to be a major strength for this team. If the Rams’s want to have any chance for 2017, they need to sign Donald. While no one wants to see their teammate go down with a season ending injury, it will help Donald get what he finally deserves, a big payday.

Donald’s Break

Aaron Donald has never missed a game in his three years since entering the NFL. He trains to be out there every week. So you know sitting out of training camp WHEN HE IS HEALTHY has to be killing him. This is how bad he wants a new contract and he deserves it. The Rams have been reluctant to throw away Donald’s team friendly contract. However, Easley was the one security blanket the Rams had to replace Donald. Now that he is out for the season, Donald may have the leverage. Regardless of the contract, everyone can agree that Donald needs to get back on the field. The Rams season may depend on it.

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