Philadelphia took down Washington 30-17 thanks to a Fletcher Cox scoop and score late in the 4th quarter

Carson Wentz went 26-39 for 307 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an interception.

With a 1:39 left on the clock and the score 22-17, Washington had their sites on a game winning drive. The Redskins offense was hit or miss all day, mostly finding themselves on the miss side of things. If it wasn’t for a pick-six by Ryan Kerrigan in the second quarter when the Eagles were up 13-0, Washington would not have ever been in this game.

On 2nd and 3, Kirk Cousin dropped back to pass out of the shot gun. He took a three step drop and immediately had a swarm of pressure in his face. Brandon Graham came off the edge and forced a fumble, some would say as Cousins was already in his throwing motion. Big Fletcher Cox recovered the football and showed off his blazing speed on the 20-yard return for a touchdown. Graham and Cox secured the win for Philadelphia and put the Eagles up 30-17 after a successful two point conversion.

Ronald Darby

The Eagles top corner was carted off the field early Sunday afternoon. The injury was a gruesome looking non-contact injury to his right ankle. At this time there are no updates on his status but this injury could be season ending.

Wentz Heroics

Carson Wentz showed great confidence and patience in the pocket Sunday, almost to a fault. Philadelphia’s first score came on a bomb to Agholor where Wentz made a few defenders missed while scrambling around the pocket. While this worked out for him today on multiple occasions, he needs to learn to get rid of the ball quicker. Wentz won’t be able to make those kinds of plays consistently against good defenses like he did today.

The Eagles start 1-0 heading into their week 2 match up against Kansas City next Sunday

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