The Philadelphia Eagles recently signed Torrey Smith to add a veteran presence to their receiving corps.

The offseason is a time where free agents get the time to build chemistry with their new teammates. Smith, less than a month of being on the team, is already defending his new quarterback.

Smith is a player who is not afraid of speaking out against something he does not agree with. On Sunday, he received this response to one of his tweets:

For an Eagles fan, saying that quarterback Carson Wentz is not magical would cause tempers to flare. In fact, Smith gave the following response:

For a new receiver on a brand new team, to stand up for his quarterback like that shows true team spirit. Smith has already established himself as an outspoken player in the NFL, but has already shown that no matter what he has Wentz’s back through everything.

The Eagles and football communities sure had a laugh at the brief conversation. Below are some of the top reactions to Smith’s tweet:

Social media seems to be one of Smith’s favorite places to respond to internet trolls. Fans will continue to enjoy him defending against his new teammates if more interactions like the one above keep occurring.