Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson briefly talked about Alshon Jeffery’s health issues in a press conference Friday morning

During his routine press conference after practice, Doug Pederson was questioned about Alshon Jeffery’s injuries and if they were behind him. Doug Pederson responded:

“Yeah… You know its just a matter of keeping him rested and again, WE’RE not playing a game, so I’ve seen a lot from him, probably more so than what you guys (the media) have seen, and I’m comfortable with where he’s at in our offense. I’m gonna make sure he’s healthy going into the season”

Pederson was later asked if Alshon Jeffery was going to play in the Eagles first preseason game. He responded saying that he hasn’t decided on that yet.

It seems that the Philadelphia Eagles have been happy with Jeffery’s training camp production and ability to learn their offense. So much so that they are willing to rest him to make sure he has no issues come week 1.

This seems to be the right move for Jeffery and the Eagles. Jeffery is a veteran in this league and an important weapon for Carson Wentz to utilize. There is no reason for the Eagles to burn him out in camp and the preseason if he already has shown the coaching staff what he can do and is building good chemistry with Wentz.

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