The start of the 2017 season is almost a deja vu moment of the 2016 season. The Dolphins are currently 2-2. Some might say, that’s a decent start. However, if you have watched any of their games you can see there is so much wrong with the Dolphins. If they continue with the current level of play they will end up 2-14.

Now the question is where is the problem and how do the Dolphins fix it? Most fans are blaming recently signed and coming out of retirement, quarterback Jay Cutler. Others are blaming the coaching staff, and still some are blaming the whole team.  Ill give you my stance on this.

First of all, there is no quick fix. Yep, I get it, not the answer you want to hear. The Dolphins, like most other teams in the NFL, have been riddled with injuries. However, the Dolphins injuries whaos began in the preseason. Franchise quarterback Ryan Tannehill re-tore his ACL. This led the Dolphins to sign Cutler for $10 million. Spoiler alert, the Dolphins didn’t have the confidence in back up quarterback Matt Moore to take the reigns. Another notable injuries were line backers Koa Miss and Reakwon McMillan.  Then OL Ted Larsen tore his bicep.

So out of all the arguments on why the Dolphins are not doing well, I think it is the whole team and not just any one person. Granted, the defense is getting it done; however it is only a few key players. As most would like to blame Cutler, it is not his fault alone. Look at running back Jay Ajayi. How many yards does he have the past game, 77 rushing yards? That can’t be Cutlers fault. What about the dropped passes to wide receivers Jarvis Landry, Devante Parker, and Kenny Stills? Those are the weapons Cutler is suppose to rely on.

In the past game against Tennessee Titans, Dolphins’ fans could be heard chanting “We want Moore!” In 2011, Moore took over for quarterback Chad Henne after Henne lost the first four games; Moore went 6-6 and the Dolphins finished 6-10. Last year in the four games Moore played in he went 2-2, including the playoff game. So I don’t see how he will do any better than Cutler at this point.  Not to mention, in 2012 the Dolphins brought in rookie Tannehill to lead them from then on.

Don’t forget about the Coaching staff. Cutler isn’t in the huddle making up which plays they are going to execute. He is getting the plays directly from head coach Adam Gase and Gase isn’t calling for the long ball. Gase is calling all short plays and Cutler is delivering just that.

I get the struggle and the frustration as I too am a life long fan. I want nothing more than the Dolphins to go to the playoffs and win the Super Bowl. What fan wouldn’t want to see their team go all the way. It is frustrating knowing there is nothing you can do but root for your team day in and day out.