A lot has changed for the Dolphins since many publications debuted their season predictions. With a new quarterback and a no bye during the season, there may be some changes to how people think the team will do. Will they return to the playoffs? Let’s run through the season.

Dolphins at Chargers – Win

The Dolphins’ now first game comes against a Charger team that looks better than they did last year. The secondary will be tested by Phillip Rivers and the Chargers. They also need to be able to stop Melvin Gordon. The offensive line will also be tested, as the Chargers have a good pass rush. Ultimately, Miami should be able to win this game.  As long as the line protects Jay Cutler and gives him time to throw, they should be just fine. Last season, they barely beat the Chargers by a score. It may be similar to last year, but a win is a win.

Dolphins at Jets – Win

This game should be a gimme. The Jets are not good on offense or defense. Jay Cutler should have all day to throw and the Dolphins should be able to have their way with the Jets. The Jets have looked terrible in past games and just traded away their best defensive lineman. This should be an easy win. If not, there is is reason to panic.

Dolphins at Saints – Win

The Dolphins will head to London for a match up with the Saints. This should also be a fairly easy game for the Dolphins. The offense should be able to put up points against Saints defense. However, the secondary will be tested against Drew Brees. The pass rush must get pressure on the quarterback to stop one of the best quarterbacks in the league.Also, the running backs may be a problem for the defense. While it is unclear if Adrian Peterson will be his old self, the Saints have two other running backs that if not careful, the defense could have their hands full. Ultimately they will return home victorious.

Titans at Dolphins – Loss

This will be the first home game for the Dolphins. Unfortunately, this will be also be their first loss. The Dolphins have not been good at stopping the run. Ultimately, this will be their downfall against the Titans. The Titans have a good running game, as well as a quarterback who can run. The Titans also have a good passing game and a pretty good offensive line. Dick LeBeau’s defense will prove to be too much for the offensive line to handle and Cutler will struggle.

Dolphins at Falcons – Loss

Falcons offense will be too much for the Miami defense. As previously mentioned, the Dolphins have not shown much progress defending the run. Falcons running backs Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman will prove to be too much to defend. Also, the Falcons defense is pretty good. It may be a close one, but it will be a loss.

Jets at Dolphins – Win

See above

Dolphins at Ravens – Loss

We all saw how the Dolphins looked during the preseason against the Ravens. It was terrible. The defense could not stop the Ravens offense at all. However, this time it will be against Joe Flacco. Things probably won’t change much and they will lose to the Ravens again.

Raiders at Dolphins – Loss

Similar to the Falcons, the Raiders have a good offense. The Dolphins will not only struggle to stop Marshawn Lynch but the Raiders offense in general. They will also struggle to defend Jay Cutler. Whoever will be guarding Khalil Mack will have their work cut out for them. Miami will lose this one.

Dolphins at Panthers – Win

After suffering back to back losses, Dolphins will get a win against the Panthers. It will not be easy, as Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey pose a threat to one of the defense’s biggest weaknesses. However, they will find a way to get it done.

Buccaneers at Dolphins – Win

Originally scheduled to be the season opener, the Dolphins will play the Buccaneers and win. The Bucs will provide a test, as they have some good receivers and a rising star in quarterback Jameis Winston. In another close one, the team will pull out a win against the Buccaneers.

Dolphins at Patriots – Loss

No, the Dolphins will not beat the Patriots this year. Contrary to what Jarvis Landry and the team believe, the team is still not good enough to match with the Patriots. Tom Brady will tear the defense apart little by little no mater which receivers he’s throwing the ball to. The offense will probably struggle to score points against a pretty good Patriots defense. Sorry, the Dolphins just aren’t there yet.

Broncos at Dolphins – Loss

The Broncos defense is too good for the Dolphins. They seem to have gotten better defending the run game. Even if the Jay Ajayi and company is able to run against the Broncos, that defensive line is coming. The team’s weakest spot on offense is the offensive line and if they can not protect Jay Cutler, the game will be over quickly.

Patriots at Dolphins – Loss

See above.

Dolphins at Bills – Win

While the Dolphins won’t beat the Patriots, they will beat the Bills. The Bills are another team that has a good running game. However, the defense should be able to control the Bills offense. It may be another close one, but it will be a win.

Dolphins at Chiefs – Loss

The Dolphins do not have enough on defense to stop the firepower that is the Chiefs’ offense. Also, the Chiefs have a really good defense. This will be another game where protecting Jay Cutler is key. Ultimately, the offensive line is suspect and will not be able to handle the Chiefs.

Bills at Dolphins – Win

See above.

The Dolphins will 8-8 on the season and have shot to make it back to the playoffs as a Wild Card team. However, their fate will rest in the hands of another team in the AFC. Playing against teams in the AFC west could prove to be crucial to securing that Wild Card spot.