Dolphins’ number one running back Jay “J-Train” Ajayi still remains in concussion protocol. However, he is allowed to attend practices on a conditional basis. What does that mean? Well, Ajayi is allowed to participate in practices, such as going through the motions. But he is not allowed to put on pads. Not having pads on means, that he will not be hit or have contact practice.

Ajayi wont be cleared in time for Thursday nights preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons. However, it looks like he will return to practice full time next week. Which will be good news for everyone, including getting time with new quarterback Jay Cutler.

Cutler is not a runner and likes to stay in the pocket.  Which means, more handoffs and throws to Ajayi. Cutler maybe the reason Ajayi has another 1000 plus yard season. Coach Adam Case already wanted to increase his total carries this season. If Cutler struggles in the passing game, his yardage will definitely surpass last season.

In the meantime, look for running backs Kenyan Drake and Damien Willimas to try to bolster the running game during the preseason. We will likely not see the J-Train leave the station until week one.