The Miami Dolphins are traveling to Los Angeles to play the Los Angeles Chargers.

Normally, the Dolphins would practice at home and then the day or two before travel to the opposing teams city. However, Hurricane Irma had a say in things. The Dallas Cowboys were nice enough to allow the Dolphins to use their preseason practice stadium in Oxnard, CA to get in the practice time before the game.

This will be the Dolphins first game of the season after their early bye week. Not only will it be the Dolphins first game, but it will also be the first official game for quarterback Jay Cutler as a Dolphin. During preseason, Cutler gave Dolphins’ fans a glimpse of what he can do. When he has great weapons around him such as four quality wide receivers, Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker, Kenny Stills, and Jakeem Grant. Now don’t forget the amazing running power of running backs Jay Ajayi and Kenyan Drake.

Cutler also didn’t have the luxury to have the full preseason to get ready. Which I believe part of the reason he didn’t see much playing time in preseason. On top of, Adam Gase already knows what Cutler is capable of.

On Sept 12th, the NFL produced an updated power rankings. Since the Dolphins didn’t play, they didn’t move from week one. The Dolphins are ranked at number 15. The chargers were ranked 21 for week one and dropped to 22 for week two.

In the past three meetings between the Dolphins and Chargers, the Dolphins are 2-1.

In the Chargers week one game against the Denver Broncos, the Chargers defense allowed 140 rushing yards and 219 passing yards. This will be where the Dolphins will shine. Everyone saw last year, if you give Ajayi a couple of yards to run, he will make you regret it and produce 200 plus rushing yards. Not to mention Ajayi has been working on his receiving skills. But for the sake of argument, let’s say Ajayi has issue catching. If the Chargers defense stacks the box against the Dolphins’ run game, Cutler is a gunslinger. The Dolphins are equipped with fast receivers with good hands.

However, on the defensive side of the ball, the Dolphins’ defense has to step up. They need to stop running back Melvin Gordon from producing yards. Plus, stop wide receivers Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin from getting the ball. The Broncos allowed Gordon 54 rushing yards, Williams 54 receiving yards and Benjamin 43 receiving yards. Altogether, the Chargers got 192 passing yards and 64 rushing yards.

Final thoughts, the Dolphins should win this game. Even with the 29th ranked defense last year, they were able to win against the Chargers with a last minute interception by linebacker Kiko Alonso. The Dolphins are ranked 15th in the power rankings and the Chargers are ranked 22nd. The Dolphins have all the talent and skills to shine. This will be their game to lose or to win.

Phins Up.