Running back Devonta Freeman signed a five-year extension with the Atlanta Falcons worth $41.25 million.

Devonta Freeman is now the highest paid running back in the NFL with multiple years on his contract. He will make $8.25 million per season. LeSean McCoy comes in a close second making a little more than $8 million per year.

The security of the Atlanta Falcons backfield is secure for another five years. With the exstention of Freeman, the Falcons now have him for five years, Tevin Coleman for two years and rookie Brian Hill for four years.

A running back signed to big money. This is the part where every sports reporter and opinion columnist shouts how ridiculous it is to sign a running back to big money in today’s NFL.

What this mean for the Falcons…

Atlanta fans rejoice. This is a fantastic signing for the Falcons.

Rumors swirled how Freeman would break records for running backs if he received a five-year extension. His contract is a little more than McCoy. They didn’t have to break the bank at all for Freeman. It is great news for the Falcons’ franchise. They scored a sweet deal. However, this deal did not help the running back market at all.

Even with this contract, they are projected to have up to $13 million in cap space next season. The same season Julio Jones will be up for a payday. For the following year, the same year they will need to sign Matt Ryan to an extension, they are projected to have more than $80 million.

The cap space will leave plenty of room to sign great players with expiring contracts. Like this season with Dontari Poe, it will also leave plenty of room for one year deals with veteran starters.

With Freeman’s contract out of the way, things are looking bright for the Dirty Birds. On the eve of their first preseason game, everyone can take a deep breath and get ready for some football.


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