The Detroit Lions are coming off a 2016 season which saw them visit the playoffs for the second time in three seasons.  While there are reasons to be encouraged about the 2017 campaign, what may be even more exciting is the fantasy football team names Lions fans can come up with.  With names like Golden Tate and Ezekiel Ansah on the roster, there’s no shortage of opportunity for creative titles.

Top Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017:

Golden Tate Warriors

Stafford Infection

The Ansah

Built StafFORD Tough

Ameer is the Ansah

Can’t Pop this Whitehead

Gettin’ Ziggy with it

Speakin’ in Ebronics

Is that your final Ansah?


Taylor’s Upper Deckers

Slayed by the Bell

Hakuna Ma-Ngata

Golden Tatertots

I Could Go for a Killebrew

If the Glover Fits…

Lions Den

Come Back Calvin

The Eye of the Lion

Teezing You

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