Without fullback Pat DiMarco, a void has been left at the position. A void fans better hope Derrick Coleman is able to fill.

The Atlanta Falcons had a successful running attack last season thanks to a high-powered passing offense. If the running game is to still be effective, they will need new fullback Derrick Coleman to come up big with strong run blocking.

Coleman was a part of the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl victory in 2013. In 2015, Coleman was involved in a hit-and-run, one he pled guilty for in 2016. Since then, his football life has come to a halt.

Coleman told Steve Hummer of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution just how the past year has affected him and how he is moving forward.

“It affected me a little bit because it’s all about perception. Mostly the feedback I got was amazing. There were people who shied away, but at the end of the day they realize that nobody’s perfect. That’s what I told them. Every time I preach, I tell them nobody’s perfect, we’re all going to make mistakes in this world. It’s a matter of how you deal with them, how you respond to them.

“How I responded to that situation was to go out there and live my life. Ain’t nothing I can do. That past is already gone.”

It is clear how important this comeback is for Coleman. The work is not complete, he still has to win the job against other players. In the front, rookie Tyler Renew from Citidel looks like a versatile back who can give Coleman a run for his money.

The pressure is on Coleman to add stability to the run game in certain packages. If he can be what he was for the Seahawks before his legal trouble, he could be the secret key to opening up the field for the run and the entire offense.

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