It is far too often that the Dallas Cowboys’ fans hear of a player wanting to come and play for America’s team. So it becomes a little shocking when a player speaks against coming to Dallas, former Panther DeAngelo Williams did just that.

The Cowboys have yet to have any sustained success in the playoffs since their early runs in the 1990’s. So it really hits hard when Williams took shots at the Cowboys when he said they don’t show up in the playoffs. Williams’ went on to talk about his fandom growing up as a 49ers’ fan. Which really makes sense.

Too often we want players to feel as fans do. Loyalty isn’t a part of today’s NFL as it was in the past. Players on rival teams swap jerseys following games, take photos together and are usually very friendly. So when a player like Williams voices his displeasure for a certain team you cannot help but applaud him for giving fans what they have asked for, loyalty.

Absolutely right. My fandom for the team I was raised as, will not allow me to go to the Cowboys. I’m an 80s baby, I was born in 1983, and the 49ers ruled. The Cowboys somewhat did something in the 90s. I even refuse to give them that, as a Niners fan. And it’s just, now I’m always loyal to the team that signs my check. – DeAngelo Williams on his loyalty to a former rival.

DeAngelo Williams is currently a free agent and looking for a new team. When free agents hit the market headlines run wild with connections to Dallas more often than not. However, a team like the Cowboys wouldn’t be a fit regardless. The Cowboys are full of running backs and frankly Williams is near the end of his career. With rushing champion Ezekiel Elliott, Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris and newcomer Jahad Thomas there isn’t room for another journeyman running back.

He may have spoke truth about the Cowboys disappearing but with the leadership and infusion of youth, Dak Prescott and company are looking to change the stigma surrounding the Dallas Cowboys. DeAngelo Williams may be eating crow very soon.