As offseason workouts continue and OTA’s get closer by the day, the Dallas Cowboys are revving up to bring in more depth at several positions. Although former quarterback Tony Romo has retired, his release will effect the Cowboys ability to make certain roster moves. Staff writer Nick Eatman spoke with executive vice-president and CEO Stephen Jones over the weekend about how the cap hit from Romo’s release will impact the team. Eatman writes,

“On June 2, an extra $5 million will hit the Cowboys’ cap thanks to the Tony Romo release. While a lot of that money will be used to fill out the 53-man roster, sign the practice squad and compensate for injury settlements and future signings, [Stephen] Jones said it frees them up to be sign or trade for a veteran if needed. ‘I will say this, we’re not strapped to the point where we couldn’t do something. You never know when a trade might pop up.’”

Contrary to popular opinion, Dallas has a bit of financial wiggle room in terms of accommodating holes in the roster across the board. Jones mention of a possible trade won’t likely pan out until offseason workouts are wrapped up and OTA’s have begun. Until we see more clearly how much progress the 2017 draft class makes in the coming weeks, it’s less obvious which areas of need the Cowboys will address. With the offensive side of the ball almost completely locked down, expect most of the changes to happen on the practice squad and special teams with a few key moves on defense.

Lauren Scullion is a lifelong Cowboys fan, secret Packers fan, Dallas Cowboys/ NFL writer, social media guru and NFC East know-it-all.