The Cowboys are going into their second season with Dak Prescott at the helm. This time around there isn’t the franchise leader in almost all quarterback categories behind him. This is now Prescott’s team. Dak had the door opened for him due to the unfortunate injury to Kellen Moore.

Kellen Moore

Moore was re-signed to be the primary backup to Prescott. Last year the team had Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez doing backup duties to the Offensive Rookie of the year. Romo has since retired to the broadcast booth, and Sanchez wasn’t brought back for another season. The youth movement has finally infiltrated the quarterback room, given that Prescott is the only one having started multiple games in the NFL.

Behind Moore and Prescott will be the only battle going on for the quarterbacks. The Dallas Cowboys did not address the position during the draft but did so afterward in picking up two undrafted free agents. Cooper Rush of Central Michigan and Austin Appleby of Florida were selected to join the team for camp.

Austin Appleby

Appleby will likely serve as a camp arm. He played at Florida in his final year of eligibility after spending his first three years at Purdue. His stats won’t wow you by any means, but for protection, the team needs to bring in quarterbacks to give receivers looks. His style of play reminds you of a game manager. He isn’t going to win games without a good running game and timely passes. H’ll be very limited in his future.

Cooper Rush

Rush seems more of a player they want to see and develop. He shows the kind of consistency regarding games played each season. Not a guy who is often injured which is a big plus. Rush is an absolute film room junkie which is a huge key for him. Ultimately the role of a backup quarterback is to assist the starter in getting ready for gameday, which includes advanced scouting on the next opponent.

Rush is incredibly smart but is lacking in one critical area for quarterbacks: arm strength. The player he is most often compared to is Kellen Moore. Scouts and coaches alike have said that he makes up for is lack of arm strength with his anticipation and competitive edge. Rush is the darkhorse between the two rookies to push for a spot on the 53.

When the dust settles your quarterbacks on the main roster should be Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore. Cooper Rush should remain on the team but as a member of the practice squad.