The Dallas Cowboys will make their preseason debut in the Hall of Fame game this coming season which is just 78 days away. As part of an ongoing series,  Pro Football Spot looks at who are the best players who have worn the number 78 jersey during their illustrious history.


The first Cowboy to don the 78 jersey was Don Healy in 1961, after previously wearing 62 in 1960. His Cowboys career was short in that it lasted just two seasons in which he recorded one interception and five fumble recoveries as a left defensive tackle for Tom Landry’s defense.

Late 1970’s

In 1979 the Cowboys brought in John Dutton from the Colts. Dutton arrived for the season that Ed “Too Tall” Jones decided to give boxing a shot. After one year away Jones would return. Dutton was shuffled around upon his return and would record 18 sacks for the Cowboys. Dutton was active in the NFL until 1987.

Late 1980’s

In 1988 the Cowboys awarded this jersey number to Dave Widell. He was an offensive tackle out of Boston College, who would play two seasons with the Cowboys. Most notably he was traded to the Denver Broncos in 1990 for a draft selection. The player selected with that pick was the next player to wear 78, Leon Lett.

Outside of Cowboys fans, Lett is most known for the snow game blunder as well as the Super Bowl blunder against the Buffalo Bills. Lett was one of the best interior lineman in the league during his 10 season run with the Cowboys. He now serves as an assistant coach on the staff under Rod Marinelli. His quickness was unmatched, so much that he earned the nickname ‘The Big Cat’. His career ended with 22.5 sacks and 229 tackles for the Cowboys.

Leon Lett without a doubt is the best player ever to wear the 78 jersey.


The last player to have worn that jersey was Charles Brown in 2015. He was a swing tackle who got his first call to the NFL from the New Orleans Saints. No player on the active roster in 2016 wore that number. On the current roster the number 78 belongs to a guard, Kadeem Edwards.

The full list of players to wear 78.

Player Position Years
Don Healy DL 1960-1961
Jon Meyers DT 1962-1963
Maury Youmans DE 1964-1965
Bob Asher T 1970
Bruce Walton G 1973-1975
Greg Schaum DE 1976
John Dutton DL 1979-1987
Dave Widell T 1988-1989
Leon Lett DT 1991-2000
Kurt Vollers OT 2002-2004
James Marten OT 2007
Junior Siavii OT 2009
Jeremy Parnell OT 2011-2014
Charles Brown OT 2015
Kadeem Edwards G 2017