If you have a kid, know a kid, have seen a kid, or been on the internet around kid-related media, you’ve seen the latest craze: fidget spinners.

Fidget spinners were originally designed to help kids with attention deficit disorder stay focused in class by giving them something to do with their hands. Why have these little spinners become so popular? How are so many companies erupting with spinner sales? It turns out that the woman who held the patent at the U.S. patent office did not renew her patent and ever since so many different companies are taking advantage of the spinner market. Even the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys pro shop just posted this tweet showing off their newest edition: fidget spinners.

The Pro Shop is selling fidget spinners with Dallas Cowboys logos on them. Additionally, the shop sells legos, bobble heads, and several other kid-friendly items.

Honestly, it’s brilliant for America’s Team to jump on the fidget spinning bandwagon. You can see both fidget spinners for sale for $10 here.

Lauren Scullion is a lifelong Cowboys fan, secret Packers fan, Dallas Cowboys/ NFL writer, social media guru and NFC East know-it-all.