Ezekiel Elliott’s extra curricular activities are starting to get the sophomore running back in trouble.

Following Ezekiel Elliott’s partying at a St. Patrick’s day parade early this week, Elliott has been criticized across the NFL for his off-field antics. Although each individual action in Elliott’s past has been dismissed, it’s getting increasing difficult to make excuses for the Cowboys star running back.

TMZ gives us a glimpse into Elliott’s most recent lack of judgement in this video:

Four time Pro Bowler¬†Chris Spielman spoke with TMZ about the incident, saying that it’s time for Elliott to act like a grown man. Spielman is currently an analyst for FOX Sports. His primary concern is that Elliott’s actions are being too easily excused by simply explaining his actions away with youthfulness as a good reason to conduct himself inappropriately. Elaborating, Spielman points out that Elliott needs to act more respectful and that he should know right from wrong. Watch the full video below:

Lauren Scullion is a lifelong Cowboys fan, secret Packers fan, Dallas Cowboys/ NFL writer, social media guru and NFC East know-it-all.