Dak Prescott has once again surprised the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has officially received a very large performance-based bonus from the NFL. Prescott, 23, led all other offensive players in the amount he received in his performance-based NFL bonus. According to ESPN, Prescott raked in $353,544.57, smashing all other offensive players.

Atlanta Falcons undrafted rookie cornerback Brian Poole beat out all players with a bonus of $371,873.11.

The money is distributed by the NFL to all 32 teams and players are paid based on a formula that factors in their playing time percentage in relation to their salary each season. Nearly $4M was paid out by every team this season.

dak prescott


The bonuses are structured based on the league’s labor agreement that was signed in 2002. All players are eligible for bonus money as long as they played during the regular season. The goal of the bonus money is too pay players who make a significant contribution that is relative to their amount of pay. Given Prescott’s measley $450K salary given to him as a fourth round rookie comp pick, this bonus nearly doubles his pay on the year, bringing his total pay to $823,873.11 for 2016.

Not bad for a quarterback 32 teams passed up on in favor of five other quarterbacks from the 2016 NFL draft class.

Lauren Scullion is a lifelong Cowboys fan, secret Packers fan, Dallas Cowboys/ NFL writer, social media guru and NFC East know-it-all.