Cris Carter Will Be “Shocked” If Ezekiel Elliott Is Not Suspended

FS1 commentator and Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter caused a splash when he stated ““For me, in the next 48 hours, I would be shocked if Zeke is not suspended.” Carter then goes on to imply that sources that have revealed other details about the Ezekiel Elliott investigation, details that have not yet become known to the public. Further, Carter implied that Zeke might be looking at as much as a six-game suspension.  He also implied that the ruling would come down in the next 48 hours. Most shocking of all, Carter alleges that Ezekiel Elliott destroyed evidence pertinent to the investigation.

Cris “Scoop” Carter?

This is a lot of information that Carter is in possession of that a) directly contradicts what Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been saying for the last week; namely that he does not expect the NFL to hand down any suspension and b) would imply that Carter has much more access to information than the Dallas Cowboys have themselves, not to mention other news sources who are invested in the Zeke story. At least one of those journalists, Mike Fisher (@fishsports) is not quite buying it. “The NFL didn’t leak the Ezekiel Elliott scoop to him,” says Fisher. Carter does not name his sources. It is quite possible, however, that he knows someone who knows something. They could be lying. They could be mistaken. Or they could be telling the truth. Time will tell.

Twitter Is Not Buying It

Fisher’s sentiment is being echoed throughout the Twitterverse. A few minutes later Fish followed up with this tidbit, further debunking Carter’s inference.  The question comes down to, not just who are you going to believe, but why? Jerry Jones for instance, has a vested interest in knowing the truth, one way or the other. Cris Carter, on the other hand, has a vested interest in clicks. This is not a slight on Cris Carter. It’s the environment of the current sports news media (and news media — period — everywhere). “Hot takes” are all the rage and as much as everybody professes to hate them, they remain the order of the day.


The real story here is that there is a question at all about what’s going on with Elliott. The NFL has been investigating this case for over a year. That a decision should finally come down half way through training camp of the next season is questionable league policy at best and deliberately obstructive at worst. The general consensus is that the league is doing it’s due diligence and making sure it doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the past(e.g. Ray Rice). In the meantime, that “due diligence” is providing fodder for the Cris Carters, Skip Baylesses, and Colin Cowherds of the world to make a buck. And maybe that too, is part of the point.

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