On Saturday night the Dallas Cowboys took the field against the Los Angeles Rams for the second consecutive year in preseason. The team played an entire half of football with Kellen Moore under center. He struggled throughout the half but was able to lead a drive for field goal to get on the board.

Cooper Rush took the field in the second half for all of the third quarter before handing it over to Luke McCown. Of the three quarterbacks on the field last night for Dallas, none looked better than Cooper Rush. He provided the only touchdown of the evening for the Cowboys. He hit Rico Gathers up the seam and dropped the ball in the bucket. These two players continue to give the Cowboys something positive on offense.

What Rush is able to do is attack downfield, Moore has shown some ability to do that especially in the Hall of Fame game but not during their game versus the Rams. His first pass of the night went to Blake Jarwin on 2nd and six. What he was doing that Moore failed to do was throw the ball to the first down marker and beyond.

Rush has the ability to see over the line and the touch to make the plays. His first pass on the second drive found Brian Brown for a huge gain, the play went for 24 yards on first down. Cooper Rush went through his progressions during his three series, Moore seemed like he made a read pre-snap and went to that receiver every time.

Even as impressive as the touchdown pass to Gathers was, the play on 3rd and five was impressive as well. At the snap he looks left at Noah Brown, who is running a slant, and puts the ball on the inside shoulder. Noah made a couple miss and was off to the races, setting up the touchdown pass. He gives the receivers an opportunity to make a play.

As impressive as Cooper Rush has been for the Dallas Cowboys this preseason, it won’t be enough to take over the backup quarterback spot over Kellen Moore. The team likes what they have in Moore despite Rush’s performances. What he can do is force the team to consider a third quarterback on the active roster.