Carl Lawson could be an easy steal for the Dallas Cowboys.

Carl Lawson is a name many are already familiar with. Lawson was one of the top prospects a season ago but decided to return to school for another season. The native of Alpharetta, Georgia had a very productive season coming off his 2015 campaign where he dealt with a hip injury. Lawson accounted for 12.5 tackles for loss (TFL) and nine sacks.

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 253 lbs

School: Auburn

Position: Edge

Where Lawson Excels:

While many can and will point out the size of the prospect as a weakness, what Lawson does on the field can’t be praised enough. Lawson can be a technician as an edge rusher. His hand fighting really allows Lawson to create havoc in the backfield. Knowing how to use those mitts to create separation from opposing offensive tackles.

As technical as his game is, he will also be somewhat cerebral with his approach. As much as his hands will allow Lawson to beat blockers, his footwork is also a huge advantage. He will mix up short steps with long ones to keep the tackle guessing. Combine those skills and you have an undersized edge rusher who will beat you time and time again because he honed his craft.

Where Lawson Needs Improvement:

Again Lawson doesn’t possess the prototypical size of many other defensive ends in a draft full of quarterback hunters. This isn’t something he can improve on but with more coaching and film work, Lawson can use the mental side of the game to his advantage.

The other big question is about his injury history. This isn’t something that you can really improve upon but needs to be evaluated if the Cowboys are serious about Lawson. The medical re-checks at the NFL combine will determine how Lawson will be viewed for this team. Will the Cowboys once again take a risk with a player with injury concerns?

How Lawson Fits Dallas:

Carl Lawson would give the Cowboys what they need most at this time, a player who can beat blocks to put pressure on opposing offenses. He is much like Charles Harris in that he is more of pass rush specialist but he can improve with coaching and film work. Lawson should very much be in play at 28 when the Cowboys come to the podium.