Dak Prescott shocked the NFL last season with his unique skills as a quarterback. Is he officially the next star quarterback of America’s team?

That’s a very tough question. After Tony Romo went down with another injury last preseason and Dak Prescott’s opportunity came, everything changed. Cowboys fans were so impressed and shocked with Prescott’s playing ability that they basically moved on from Romo.

Perhaps Romo’s days of being the Cowboys starting quarterback are just about done. But Romo is still very important to the team. His ability as a teacher and mentor for Prescott can’t be underestimated. Much of what Prescott has learned, he’s learned from Romo.

After Dallas’ season ended, head coach Jason Garrett was asked if Dak is the quarterback for 2017. Garrett didn’t answer. This means that that at the moment, there’s no starting quarterback for Dallas. Prescott, Romo, and Kellen Moore will all compete for the starting job. Garrett doesn’t hand out anything to anybody. Instead, he gives players the opportunity to earn their spot. It’s all about competition.

There have been a lot of rumors on a possible trade involving Tony Romo. Many things have been said but for now they’re just rumors. The Cowboys aren’t focused on that just yet.

As far as Prescott being the future in Dallas, it’s still too early to say. There’s no denying that he played much better than anyone anticipated, but it’s still too early. Cris Carter describes Prescott being like Russel Wilson. In his words, he’s a ‘better version’ of Wilson. Prescott and Wilson appear to have the same playing abilities but Prescott still has much to learn and prove.