This isn’t a news dump today. This isn’t a referendum or a commentary on the status of college football or a mockery of a rival or any of the usual stuff we cram into the Daily Bulls to make August slide past a bit quicker.
This is a simple plea: let’s run the dang ball, please. Let’s lean on that talented offensive line and an outstanding running back duo and just chew up some yards this fall.
The boys and I were recording the Bullcast last night and we got to talking about running the dang ball. Wes remembered fondly the Stephen McGee-Mike Goodson duo that in 2006-2007 were absolute Longhorn slayers running the option. In 2006, on the road in Austin against #11 and down by a point early in the fourth quarter, the Ags got the ball at their own 12 and proceeded to just maul the Longhorns in the trenches.