It’s the final week of action from Oxnard, California for our Cowboys. Sunday’s practice featured a lot of 11-on-11 action and much of it featured the starters as they round into shape for the season open in 28 days. Let’s check out the highlights.
The big news of course was the return of Randy Gregory to team action on the field. Here we see him teaming with Tyron Crawford on a 2-man stunt. Crawford occupied two blockers in textbook fashion. Had this been tackle football it likely would have been a sack or pressure for Gregory.

There seemed to be a lot deep balls from Dak Prescott as he repeatedly hit receivers downfield. Interestingly, none of the balls were back shoulder fades and all saw the receiver running through the route, as taught by new receivers’ coach Sanjay Lal. Here we see Dak to Terrance Williams, who was the recipient on a number of Dak targets.


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