On Monday, the never-ending Tony Romo saga took another turn, as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made an announcement. The organization will allow NFL teams to visit with the 37-year old veteran quarterback. This is another attempt to drum up trade interest in the 14-year veteran. Essentially, Romo is getting the same treatment as a free agent would, without being a free agent. The question becomes, if the Houston Texans, or any team, will choose to visit with the Eastern Illinois alum.

Houston Texans’ Take:

The Houston Texans have a known need at the quarterback position heading into 2017. With the Brock Osweiler trade, the team has the cap room to make a run at a starting quarterback. While the draft is certainly still an option, if not necessity, to find a quarterback, the team must do their due diligence. That said, the Houston Texans are not currently willing to trade for the Cowboys’ quarterback. If the team wants Romo, they seem more inclined to wait the Cowboys out and force them to release Romo.

Despite today’s news, Tony Romo is still likely to get released by the Dallas Cowboys. With teams set to begin Organized Team Activities (OTAs) this month, the clock is ticking. Once he is released, expect the Houston Texans to inquire about his services. As a veteran with Pro Bowls to his name, the Texans would be foolish not to. However, they surely will want to work out a deal with the quarterback that is team-friendly. With Romo’s injury history, the Houston Texans should offer him a contract laden with playing-time incentives. The team has leverage in negotiations, as they are one of a couple teams (Denver?) that could offer Romo a spot on a contender. Whatever happens, this story doesn’t seem like it is any closer to an end.