We’re at the tail end of the offseason here, and there’s plenty of content to go around these days as fans are looking ahead to kickoff a mere 20-something days away. But in these days of a 24-hour news cycle, it looks like everyone struggles for new content.
That’s when we stumbled across the infographic below, put together by CJ Pony Parts, one of a series they’ve done that also includes Big Ten teams and MLB teams. It compares each ACC school — more specifically, each ACC football program — to a vehicle. For the most part, it’s pretty accurate.
For Virginia, they didn’t just go for the namesake Bronco and call it a day (lookin’ at you, Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech). But they’re of the impression that Virginia is still looking back to the 1990s as its last glimmer of success. They’re…not entirely wrong, but still, we feel offended.


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