The Philadelphia Eagles were not notable for having an amazing wide receiver cops this last season. The Eagles have a first round pick in the 2017 Draft this year thanks to the season that the Minnesota Vikings had and will most likely use it to draft a skill position player whether that be cornerback, running back, or wide receiver.

Carson Wentz is a franchise player who needs a franchise wide receiver to throw to and Mike Williams provides a top option for him going forward. His size, speed, incredible jump range and will to win gives him an advantage over all of the receivers that the Eagles currently have on their roster.

One obvious advantage that Williams would have if he came to Philadelphia would be the jump ball. Wentz loves to throw high balls and often overthrew his receivers making them uncatchable. Williams is the x-factor that would make those balls catchable at least half of the time.

Williams also has a winning mentality. Coming off of an excellent National Championship performance, Williams shows that he is willing to compete even when the odds were not in his favor.

If the Eagles were able to draft Williams as well as acquire a receiver through free agency, Wentz and the Eagles offense would already have an arsenal whose skill level is five times better than what they had in 2016.

Only three months away until Eagles fans see the future of the franchise and possibly hear Williams name being called in the first round.