Almost, if not every football fan is aware of the video game series Madden. The game brings fans together and likely has either made or lost you friends over the years. One of the best parts of the game is the updated roster with real time attributes year to year.

That remains especially true with rookies. While someone could easily create the prized rookie in the creation zone, nothing is like the real thing. Getting to play with your teams future in Madden is almost as fun as watching him on the gridiron.

One player that most players will be excited to use is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Not only was Mahomes one of the best QBs in the draft, but he offers dual threat traits and a massive arm. Being able to run for the first round or throw 50 yards down the field should make in one of the most popular rookies to play with in Madden 18.

However just because he has the potential doesn’t mean Madden is going to make him a star right off the bat. He isn’t going to have 100 throwing power just because he has a massive arm. Nor is going to have 100 speed because he knows how to run the ball.

Instead Madden 18 has decided to give Mahomes a middling grade, forcing players to level him up to reach his peak. With all the first round rookies in the 2017 NFL Draft class’ Madden rating revealed, EA Sports strapped Mahomes with a modest: 76.

Mahomes has the same ranking as Texans rookie Deshaun Watson and is only one point behind Bears rookie Mitchell Tribusky.

While his individual skill rankings come out, Chiefs fans know that Mahomes will either be an 88 in agility or throw power. EA Sports released a quick video telling the rookies their rankings for the first time.

While a 76 won’t excite fans, it shows how much work Mahomes has to do to succeed at the NFL level. He has the creativity and athleticism to succeed, but he must first work on his fundamentals. If he can get those down there’s a chance the former Texas Tech QB takes the NFL world by storm in 2018.

It’s going to take a bit of training and leveling up, but Patrick Mahomes should be one of the most fun rookies to play with in Madden 18. If he can make the same plays he does in his highlight reel, the Chiefs should be one of the most fun teams to use in the game.

As for the guy you’re playing against? Not so much.

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