It’s the end of Kaepernick in San Francisco

Colin Kaepernick has been a large topic of discussion since his emergence with the 49ers in 2012. No matter how you feel about his political stances or his style of play you can’t deny his immense talent. Because of this, teams view him as an intriguing free agent for a team looking for a quarterback.

Of course, teams are still waiting for him to opt out of his contract, which many believe he will do. With this in mind, it will be important to look into a change of scenery for the 29-year-old signal caller.

Why teams will take a chance on him

Any team that is desperate at quarterback will be willing to look at Kaepernick. Many will look back at his time with Harbaugh and how successful he was in that system, as well as last season with Kelly’s scheme. They can see a player that finally evolved his game to help the team last year. He was able to become more of a game manager and allowing the offense to come to him.

He still brings athleticism and an x-factor to the passing game that will be a catalyst for teams that need a quarterback. If teams still want an example of how much of a difference maker he is with his legs, then all they can do is turn on the highlight tape from his 2013 divisional round game against the Packers.

Kaepernick on TIME
Kaepernick on Time Magazine for his protest

Why teams won’t take a chance on him

Many owners, general managers, coaches, and players already have strong feelings for him after his protest; executives have blacklisted Kaepernick from being signed onto their team. Although he received praise from others around the league, the Wolfpack product still is seen as a polarizing figure to many around the sports world.

His struggles during 2014-2015 correlated to the rest of the team faltering with him. His inaccuracy and tentativeness in the pocket stunted his development as a quarterback. All in all, these two factors will make teams wary about Kaepernick as a starting quarterback for their team.

Which teams will look into Kaepernick

  1. Cleveland Browns: As much as people speculate that the Browns will be breaking the bank for Garoppolo don’t sleep on them looking into Kaepernick. They have been desperate for a quarterback ever since they passed on Donovan McNabb.
  2. New York Jets: He wanted to go to the Jets last season in his trade talks.
  3. Chicago Bears: It will be interesting to see what the Bears do with Jay Cutler. It would be poetic if he ends up on the team he started against first to begin his career.
  4. Buffalo Bills: It’s up in the air with what will happen with Tyrod Taylor, but the idea is that he’s gone. It would be the best offense for him to be in considering the talent that would be around him.
  5. Houston Texans: They will be stuck with Brock Osweiler for another season, but sleep on him getting benched once again. Kaepernick would excel in this offense.

Honorable mention: Kansas City Chiefs: I know how ironic it would be if Kaepernick would end up being on the bench of a team that Alex Smith would be starting on, but think of what Andy Reid could do for him. If anyone can revitalize Kaepernick’s career; it’s Andy Reid.

What to do now as a 49ers fan with Kaepernick

It’s important to remember the moments that made us truly appreciate the player that Kaepernick is. It is unfortunate that we won’t have him on the 49ers any longer, but we can still marvel at the moments that made him so memorable and exciting.