The Final Cockdown’s offensive line week rolls on! We’re taking the time to appreciate the underappreciated big guys who make room for big runs and clean pockets. If you missed anyone, click below to catch up:
DJ Park | Zack Bailey | Christian Pellage | Alan Knott | Cory Helms | Donell Stanley | Malik Young | Blake Camper | Dennis Daley | Jordon Carty | Eric Douglas | Chandler Farrell | Summie Carlay | Jordan Rhodes
60 Chandler Farrell
RS Freshman / 6’3” / 285 / Summerville, S.C. / Summerville
Chandler Farrell is entering his second year in Columbia after sitting out his first. The walk-on traveled and dressed with the squad last season but never saw the field, gaining a redshirt. He still has four years of eligibility and for now, adds depth to the center position.