With both the first and second parts of this installment behind us, the Carolina Panthers look to continue their current streak and end the season above .500.  Will it happen, or will their season come crashing down around them?

Let’s take a look at the third 4 games of the Carolina Panthers regular season in the third installment of the pre-camp predictions.

Week 9: November 5th vs Atlanta Falcons

At this point of the season the Carolina Panthers are sitting with a mediocre record of 4-3-1.  Up next for Carolina comes the SuperBowl runner ups.  All jokes aside about choking in the SuperBowl, the Falcons have a strong corp of receivers and an overall impressive offense.  The perk for Carolina is that last season the Falcons struggled defensively, however, with the Falcons superior defensive draft picks, the Falcons defense may be more prepared then one expects.  Winner: Falcons.

Record: 4-4-1

Week 10: November 13th vs Miami Dolphins

If the Miami Dolphins can’t stop the run better than they did a season prior, this may be a long game for the away team.  The Carolina Panthers look to bounce back over .500 with a win a week before they get a week off.  Expect the Carolina Panthers to be excited for a week off, and come out playing strong.

Record: 5-4-1

Week 11: BYE Week

Conveniently for the Carolina Panthers, their bye week comes in the late part of the mid-season.  This gives injured players an opportunity to rest up before fighting for a playoff spot!

Week 12: November 26th @ New York Jets

All buttfumble jokes aside, the simple fact is that the Jets are slowly improving.  Will they have the manpower to beat Carolina?  It is highly unlikely, however, if the Jets can lower their starting QBs INT to TD ratio, the Jets may find themselves in a closer game than what many Panthers fans would like.

Record: 6-4-1

Week 13: November 5th @ New Orleans Saints

Here we go, the rivalry game – episode two.  While Newton and the Carolina Panthers will look to earn their seventh win of the season, the Saints possess a strong starting QB that is able to quickly analyze and select potential plays for big gains.  Drew Brees’ ability to lead a late drive is absolutely awe-inspiring.  However, the two teams splitting season games one and one.  Unfortunately for the Carolina Panthers, I don’t think they have the firepower to down the Saints this year.

Record: 6-5-1

Stay tuned for part 4 of the Game-by-Game predictions of the Panthers regular season!

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