When the Buccaneers appear on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” there will be plenty of Jameis Winston coverage.

However, it may surprise some to learn the cameras are already on the third-year quarterback. Most fans of the player and team know he’s been working just as hard this off-season as many do during the season.

Perhaps this, combined with his signature smile and southern charm are the reason HBO has put their cameras on the young star weeks before camp even begins.

If you’re unfamiliar with the “Hard Knocks” series, the show gives fans an in-depth look of NFL training camp.

Candid footage of player and coach interactions are common, and every season brings with it a handful of virtually unknown athletes who become fan favorites through the exposure they receive on the show.

This year is the Buccaneers’ first time appearing in the series.

Winston’s personal trainer Tim Grover posted an Instagram video of their workouts together, and just happened to mention the cameras were in fact, rolling.

As with every fanbase of teams who appeared on the show previously, there are concerns about distractions.

The limelight can do a lot to bolster a team’s pop culture clout. However, it can also expose some issues within a franchise which otherwise may never be known.

When the Texans appeared in the series, the team’s struggles with their quarterback situation was centerstage. Unfortunately, so was quarterback Ryan Mallett’s inability to show up on time.

Of course, the team itself has some say into what does and doesn’t see air time, but some storylines must be told.

Which player are you excited to see the most? Which story line do you want to see play out on your TV screen? Let me know in the comments or find me on social media to discuss.




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